Product Detail
Multifunction obstetric table
Multifunction obstetric table 

Operation description

The gynecology synthesize set is designed and manufactured to meet the need of the medical enterprise .It is used for childbirth , gynecology surgical operation ,examiningand many other functions, includingcaesareanoperation .
The rising and descent of the whole set is controlled by the electrical push rod. With the footswitchto make the platform top rake and backslope andthe back plank rise .It has the characteristic of convenient and operation forthe divorcing ,stretching and drawing ofits plug-in auxiliary plank .Theplatformis made of froth polyurethane, wrapped with staple leather and movedbythe foot controller .
The plankbasins andall outer shells are made of stainless steel, which makes nice appearance and easy to clean and sterilize.

Main parameter

Length & width for tabletop L1320 mm W600 mm
Length & width for subsidiaryL500 mm W550 m
Max &min height for tabletop 660mm~910 mm,
Journey of riding250 mm,
Top rake ≤8°
Back tilting ≤20°
Folding up≤60°
Folding down≤10°
PowerAC 220V50Hz