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Product Detail
Electric Operation Bed
Electric Operation Bed 
a synthesize mechanism set intended to meet the customer’s needs. It is used for surgical operations on head, neck, pleuroperitoneal cavity, perineum, limbs, etc. and operation of orthopedic etc. It adopts foot-controlled hydraulic pressure lifting. Operation needed position could be achieved just by adjusting the head part of the tabletop supplies more workspace for the surgicall person.
As the operating table is totally manipulated, so the electricity does not affect it. It is more safety to use and at the same time, the knee crutch can be take apart and disassembly. By fitting orthopedic rack, it can used for orthopedic operation. WX-S1380F operating table can be widely used.
Main parameter
Length of Tabletop 2100mm
Width of Tabletop 480mm
Height 800mm
Tabletop Lifting ≤250mm
Forward and Backward Tilting ≤25°
Leftward and Rightward Tilting ≤20°
Head Rest Folding 0°-45°
Back Rest Folding –10°-80°
Waist Rest Lifting 120mm
Leg Rest Folding 0°-90°
Leg Rest Expanding 0°-90°
Power AC220V50HZ