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Product Detail
Sterile Syringe/Injector 
Disposable sterilized syringe
Three Parts syringe Features:
1) Sizes: 1ml, 2ml, 2.5ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, 60ml
2) Material: Medical grade PP
3) Central/excentral nozzle, luer lock, slip available
4) The needles have different sizes: 16G, 18G, 20G, 21G, 22G, 23G, 24G, 25G, 26G, 27G
5) Product structure: Barrel, plunger, latex piston, and sterile hypodermic needle
6) Sterilized by EO gas, sterile, non-toxic, pyrogen free
7) We also supply OEM services
syringe automatic kludge:

disposable sterile syringe


1) needle bevel enables smooth, virtually painless injections

Size: 4#   4.5#   5#   5.5#   6#   7#   8#   9#   12#

2) easy to take out and use

3) neat look and attractive design

4) translucent needle hub designed for easy selection of desired gauge and safe injection

5) internationally accepted color-code

6) manufacturing using automated polishing and lubrication processes

7) strict quality control procedures ensure consistent performance


Sterile needles: needle seat, needletube, sheath

Vacuum blood lancet: sheath, syringes,Needle wing, PVC hosepipe, needle holder, Thorn plug needle holder,Thorn plug needle,Hemostatic protecting cap

Infusion Set: sheathNeedle wingneedle holderneedle tubingPVC hosepipetransfusion joint.

Pakage:400pc/bag; 8000pc/box;

Disposable sterile needles are disposable medical devices, and supporting the use of disposable syringes, infusion (blood), used in human subcutaneous, intradermal, intramuscular, intravenous liquid injection, collect blood and solution of the transport drugs (blood) has the characteristics of non-toxic, sterile, nonpyrogenic. This product is easy to use, safe and reliable, and can effectively avoid the cross infection of patients

Blood Lancet

Blood Lancet

1. Sterile needle composed by needle seat, needletube, sheath;  

2.vacuum blood lancet composed by needle tube sheath,needle,needle wing PVC hose, lancets seat barbed plug pin seat, barbed plug pin,hemostasis protective cap;

3. Intravenous infusion needle composed by sheathed needle wing needle seat, needletube, PVC hose, and infusion connector.

Product Features:

double-edged angle silicified use of advanced technology, the needle point easy to puncture, to relieve the patient's pain puncture;

omestic   needle or Japan Nipro syringes is option;

the electronic process polished and laser processing to ensure that the tip is smooth;

a dual lubrication, to ensure that multiple puncture cork remains smooth and smooth skin puncture.

automatic sticky needle machine: