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Food Safety Analysis
Food Safety Analysis 

Portable food safety complex analysis system


Charging power supply: DC 12V, 3A

Battery: lithium battery 15000mAh

Dimension: 479x387x170mm

Weight: 10.5kgs

Operating system: WIN10

Processor: Intel cherry Trail z8300

Memory: 4GB

Screen size: 11.6 inches

Screen resolution: 1920x1080

Screen type: IPS capacitance screen

Wireless communication: WIFI, 4G, Bluetooth

Print: built in micro printer

Data storage: native, U disk, upload server

Spectrum detection instrument:

Light source: high stability white LED

Detector array receiver

Wavelength accuracy: + 2.0nm

Noise: less than.05%T@550nm


Integration time: 1mS-10S

Photometric method: C, Abs, T%, E

Detection method: 10mm cuvette, 10mm colorimetric tube

Vision detector:

Spectral range: 400nm-1030nm

Effective pixels: 2048x1536

Signal to noise ratio: 39dB

Dynamic range: 100dB

Focus mode: Auto Focus

Fill: fill, fill after

Detection methods: colloidal gold card, test paper, the total number of colonies, such as color tube

Enzyme standard detector:

Light source: high stability LED

Wavelength: 450nm

Channel number: 16

Incubation temperature: 37 degrees C, 45 C

Detection method: 8 hole enzyme labeled strip (can detect 2)

Pesticide detection instrument:

Light source: high stability LED

Wavelength: 412nm

Channel number: 8

Incubation temperature: 37 degrees C (set)

Detection range: 0%-100% (inhibition rate)

Sample pool: 10mm optical path cuvette

Configuration list:

Electric beaker


Pipette head

Temperature Yuqi

Centrifuge tube

Palm balance


Weighing paper

Multifunctional centrifugal pipe rack

Disposable latex gloves

filter paper


Marking pen


Sample cup

Conical flask


Test items:

pesticide residue


clenbuterol hydrochloride


The acid value of meat products

Lard MDA

Opium poppy shell

aflatoxin B1

Aflatoxin M1

Formaldehyde in food


sulfur dioxide

sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate



Edible oleic acid

Peroxide value of edible oil

Sudan dyes


Hydrogen peroxide solution

Sodium nitrite

Benzoyl peroxide


Total chlorine

Residual chlorine in water



Colony count

Coliform group

Ethanol content

Rapid test strip for beta lactam antibiotics

Beta lactam fast test strip

Rapid test strip for chloramphenicol

Rapid test strip for sulfonamides

Tired of quinolone rapid test strip

Tetracycline fast detection test strip

Gentamicin rapid test strip

Rapid test strip for streptomycin

Quick detection test paper

Tylosin rapid test strip

Rapid test strip for kanamycin

Rapid test strip for chloramphenicol

Rapid test strip for furazolidone metabolite

Test strip for rapid detection of furazolidone metabolite

Test strip for fast detection of furazolidone metabolite

Test strip for rapid detection of nitrofurazone metabolites

Malachite green rapid detection card

Rapid test strip for detecting toxin

Rapid test strip for T-2 toxin

Test strip for rapid detection of ochratoxin

Zearalenone test paper strip

Portable food comprehensive analysis system using integrated design, to facilitate the detection of personnel to carry out the work of portable instruments.

The equipment spare parts and tools are complete, without additional facilities.

The modular design of integrated analysis system for portable food safety, can be widely used for rapid detection of food system, integrated full spectrum spectrophotometer colorimetric analysis technique, image analysis, enzyme immunoassay, analysis method for rapid detection of colloidal gold analysis technology, can detect more than 100 kinds of food safety testing project. According to the application needs matching pesticide residues rapid analysis, fluorescence analysis and electrochemical analysis and other functional modules, the system uses a color large screen, wireless network, modular, image recognition, information technology and other new technology, to meet the various needs of the scene and flow detection.

This system provides an open platform for detecting inclusive, rapid detection reagent can be used in the system in the mainstream market, the software has quickly adjusted the standard curve and the calibration function, easy to use rapid detection kit manufacturers.

The test sample is rich in variety, suitable for common vegetables and their products, fruits and their products, aquatic products, livestock and poultry products, food products, edible oil, spices, wine, tea, drinking water, dairy products, etc..

Rapid detection instruments and reagents based on the latest national standards and quality and safety standards, combined with rapid detection technology design. The product has the advantages of fast detection speed, high accuracy and good repeatability.

The instrument can reach up to 52 kinds of food testing items.

For easy to carry, the host machine, accessories and supplies can be placed on the size of the small bus trunk smoothly, the main equipment weight 11.2 kg.

In order to facilitate the subsequent use and emergency needs, the instrument is to be applicable to different manufacturers rapid detection reagent, open software method can be built through self function, standard curve, curve parameters and input conditions, method of self scan the code to download curve parameters etc.. The analytical methods can be shared among different instruments.

In order to facilitate the operation of the instrument, the instrument uses 11.6 inch LCD capacitive touch screen.

The instrument is equipped with a micro printer, and the printer can be connected externally.

The instrument is equipped with an external power supply and a built-in DC power supply, which can meet the requirements of on-site inspection.

The instrument is equipped with wireless communication module, such as 4G communication module, GPS module, WIFI module, Bluetooth module and so on.

Instrument has 2 kinds of interface that is USB interface (3), SIM card slot.

The software can automatically diagnose, can automatically complete the data acquisition, analysis and processing, automatic generation of test report, the latest national software testing project limited colleagues built-in standard, can automatically judge the results.

In order to ensure the realization of remote monitoring and traceability management of video quality, each bidding instrument is set up with a unique ID address, which can complete the task reception. Equipped with wireless scanning module can achieve the direct collection and preservation of sample information, software at the same time with delete, query, statistical analysis, etc..

The main machine is waterproof, pressure resistant, anti impact, corrosion proof box design, fully meet the needs of field testing.