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Hydraulic Drilling Rig
Hydraulic Drilling Rig 

Atlas Sweden import drilling rig

Unique and rexroth hydraulic components, Hydraulic system to ensure maximum use of drill performance

Automatic extension rod function and durability betterdrilling tools

Three stages of diesel engine in accordance with national standards, the environment pollution is small, the work environment.

Humanized cabine layout of the dust collector with good performance.

Folding arm structure, operation are covered more widely.

Performating demand, according to the different geological environment, design and loading the excellent core power system, the equipment is available in high altitude, valley, such as bad geology,environment under the condition of continuous construction.

Supporting turbocharged watercooled engine. the biggest can provide 150HP strong power, can meet the demand of power, wthen drilling sustainable running engine at the top of fuel economy of 1700r/min. Three phase emissions meet the national standards.

Adopt oil-water composite radiator, in hot environment and sustainable operation.

Plunger Pump

Rexroth imported load sensitive pump, oil pump automatically according to the feedback adjusting displacement, maximum extent to reduce the fever of the system and improve the fuel economy of the engine.

Electromagnetic valve

Solenoid valve and solenoid valve to replace the traditional manual valve, easy to operate, flexible, at the same time ensure the safety of the operator.

Load sensitive valve

The highest working pressure of 350MPA, sensitive with negative feedback device, control precision, which can realize hydraulic infinitely adjustable speed type valve body.

Murphy high-resolution liquid crystal display and controller, direct unlight is still clearly visible, durable, reliable performance and can be intutive monitoring diesel engine, hydraulic system, air compressor running state.

Drilling diameter: 76-102mm

Economic aperture: 90mm

Drilling depth: 0-18m

Drill pipe specification: T45/3050MM

Number of storage rod: 5+1

Boom structure: folding arm

Body float: 15°

Climbing capacity: 25°

Power Head: Atlas

Power head travel: 3400mm

Dry dust collector

Rexroth hydraulic components:

Hydraulic system: load sensing system

Propulsion / power: 2T

Cab and air conditioning system:YES

Machine size: 11.5x2.4x3.3m

Machine weight: 14.5T