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Rods Connection Drill Rig
Rods Connection Drill Rig 

Low labor intensity, efficient automatic of drill ords connection for drill rigs.

Conforatble and safe operating space

Equipped with powerful hydraulic turret and propulsion system

Economic and efficient draulic system

Forceful chassis and reliable braking system

Energetic power and perfect air-inlet,cooling system

Dry dust-remove system

Automatic unloading system

The control of gripping drill road adopts control valve unit from HYDAC ensures that the drill rod is not getting off or falling. It is safe and reliable that has precise control shafe strength, reduce the damage of drill pipe threads. The rods adopts 5+1 storage type.

The clamp device

Using double clamp makes the drill rod in the coaxial shackle, minimize drill rod buckle of wear and tear. At the same time, it provides more grip force, ensure to discharge and install rod easily.

The mechanical arm

The powerful mechanical arm with five connecting structure and enhanced the hydraulic oil cylinder, stronger and durable, both enlarges the range of the drilling direction and work and increase the telescopic oil cylinder force and the lifting force.

Comfortable and safe operating cab

The new type cab is free from noise and dust. The front windshield equipped with security framework accord with ergonomic design, make the operator in a comfortable driving with open field of vision. Use the advanced hydraulic control handle operation which is sensitive and accurate. The output power of the drill is completely based on the load demand to provide the corresponding power, without the excess power output, the overflow loss. The cab equipped with conditioning can satisfy different climatic conditions.

Rear view cameral

The cab equipped with move bakcward image system van view the bakc clearly.

Slewing reducer

Using the brand-new straight tooth reducer and direct feeding air intake prevent the YX seal from air leakage radically. The new type turret equipped with large displacement hydraulic motor from Eaton company increase torque, the internal structure of rotary reducer is designed reasonably, the gear adopt low carbon chromium nickel alloy steel that is carburized processing production, precisely machined. The low noise turret with enhanced shock absorber reduce the impact of the borehole reaction and improve the service life of the reducer.

Promote reducer

The feed machanism with aluminium alloy from machining center can make turbine occlude with worm wheel well, lifting force is up to 20000N, the quality of reducer is light, fast heat, use persistently, it is not easy to defrom and has the self locking function so as to ensure the safety of the construction.

Plunger pump

According to the auto adjust displacement of loading back oil pump, the plunger pump can maximize to reduce heating from system and improve fuel economy of engine.

Multiple valve

The highest working pressure can reach 31.5MPA. Equipped with load sensitive feeback device, it control precisely, can realize hydraulic stepless speed regulation chip body structure. According to the user's requirements, increasing hydraulic branch with secondary relief valve temporatily can realize every league pressure adjustable.

7-Multi Magnetic Valve

Using 7-multi magnetic valve to replace hand operate direction valve that makes a comfortable and smart space. On condition that the 7-multi magnetic valve cooperate with hand operation direction valve, the user can still guarantee safety even if there is a fault operation.

Gravity axel crawler frame of body floating type

The body frame can float left or right up to 26 degree, which has a good cross country performance, use gravity axle device design, reduce the frictional resistance when it is walking. The width of track shoe is 310mm. Under the different working conditions, it can achieve lower ground bearing. What is more, the track shoe with mud tank is not easy to happen card lag phenomenon soft muddy the working environment.

Travel motor

The travel motor that is equipped with first unlock type plunger oil pressure uses failure braking, braking sensitivity is high, the powerful tractive effort ensure that the drill can carry capacity of 10tons. It can climbs up to 25degree with air compressor. Moreover, equipped with the special custom unlock function to the equipment, it can drag to move without power so as to save equipment hoisting time and cost. The travel motor with double speed swith functions can adapt to different construction environoment, walk up to 0-1.8km/h at low speed, 0-3.2km/h at high speed.

Security measures

The connecting place of high risk joint are all fixed by steel rope in order to prevent high pressure hose from shedding in case it may cause personal injuries.

Energetic power and perfect air inlet, cooling system

The water cooling engine equipped with turbo can provide the largest 125 HP. Under the condition of meeting drilling operation, it can be running sustainably at the best fuel economy speed of 1700r/min, the engine emission meet modern standards. THe air inlet system adopt second level filtering which imports from MANN. The filter has stable performance, high filtration accuracy, prolong the service life of engine. The cooling system adopting oil water composite can guarantee the engine and hydraulic system to run normally under various bad working conditions.

Dust cover lifting oil cylinder

The dust cover lifting oil cylinder makes the dust cover move up and down, and it is convenient to remove the cutting while the machine is drilling.

Pulse control instrument and dust filter

The dust removal filter has bigger filtering areas, the pulse control meter that can auto matically clean the filter prolongs the service life of filter and reduces the cost during work.