Product Detail
Refrigerator Truck 

1, the top of the compartment closed, can not be opened;

2, side-door is optional;

3, side protection material: Q235A carbon steel, after the protective material: Q235A carbon steel, and after the frame welding connection, after the protection section size: 100 x 50 (mm); from the ground height: 450mm;

4, optional new front lamps (front headlamp, front lamp, front position lamp, front steering lamp, side lamp), new grille, new front panel, widening front bumper.

The 100P level in four sites equipped with a 98 horsepower 4JB1CN engine Isuzu; Isuzu MSB, five speed transmission / air conditioning / steering / front axle rear axle 2-2.5 tons, 3-4.8 tons of small tons

15, optional 700R15 tire / frame section: 172*65*4mm/ oil brake vacuum booster pump / audio: USB interface transceiver.

Chassis model: NKR77PLPACJAY,

Isuzu 4KH1-TC; 96KW/130 Isuzu MSB horsepower engine, 5 speed gearbox, 700-16 nylon tire with air conditioning,

Wheelbase 3815mm,

Cargo compartment size: (long x wide x high mm): 4990*1930*1790mm.

On the 2.99 tons.

Refrigerated compartment of the interior and exterior decoration of glass steel, interlayer insulation materials used polyurethane foam composite; thickness of 8 cm, assembling Hana brand of non independent refrigeration units, compartment temperature can reach -18 degrees. On the right side of a single side.