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Modified Truck
Modified Truck 

The chassis of modified vehicles is adopted 3 kinds of drive modes, 4×2,6×4 and 8×4. There are 10 kinds of specifications for wheelbase.

There is one specification for drive mode 4 ×2:tatol mass 19000kg ; curb weight 6450kg; wheel base 4650mm, and that can adapt to fire engine.

There is seven specifications for drive mode 6×4, total mass respectively 24700kg, 25000kg, 32000kg, 33000kg,;curb weight respectively 8055kg, 8400kg, wheel base respectively 3600+1300mm, 4025+1300mm, 4605+1300mm, 5100+1300mm, 5720+1300mm, It can meet modified requirements of Concrete mixer truck, tank truck, fire trucks, sanitation trucks, heavy wrecker, high-altitude operation car, refrigerator car, with a wingspan of car, airport service car.

There is two specifications for drive mode 8×4, total mass respectively31000kg, 40000kg, wheel base respectively 8950kg,9100kg; wheel base respectively 1850+3320+1300kg, 1850+4615+1300mm,.It can meet modified requirements of pump truck, tank truck, fire truck.

Width flat frame (mounting parts), convenient connection of various coat arrangement,. It can adopt with power take off specification such as sfly wheel power, one axis force, side draw force.