Product Detail
Heavy-duty Truck
Heavy-duty Truck 

Vehicle Parameters

QL4250UKCZ / 6X4 /Semitrailer tractor /350kw/rpm

QL4251UKCZ / 6X4 /Container semi-trailer tractor /350kw/rpm

QL4181UJCR / 4X2 /Container semi-trailer tractor /350kw/rpm

QL4180UJCR / 4X2 /Semitrailer tractor /350kw/rpm


Displacement: 9.839 liters

maximum power: 350~370 horsepower

maximum torque: 1422 N.M

The 6U engine by ultra high pressure common rail, multistage injection, high pressure, maximum torque power unit emissions, more than domestic similar type 10%, implementation of the lightweight engine, miniaturization, lower fuel consumption. The strong engine power, matching 12 speed and 9 speed transmission, can contribute to dynamic Penghu worship in various conditions.

High reliability of the engine, in the normal use and maintenance of the case, 1 million 300 thousand kilometers without overhaul, the user's low cost. The engine uses the latest international super high pressure common rail, multistage injection, electronically controlled variable turbocharger system, good fuel economy, lower fuel consumption than similar models, saving more than 10%.

Isuzu chassis modification to adapt to a variety of quality

Rich engine power specifications, wheelbase series, truck tonnage combination of more than 10 kinds of modified car chassis, can meet the needs of various types of loading;

In the domestic market, a variety of specifications for the needs of the various specifications of the car.

Width flat frame, convenient connection with various arrangement;

Rapid corresponding modification of the user to enhance the local frame;

The position of the chassis parts such as the box and the muffler can be changed according to the requirement, and is convenient for the layout of the modification.