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Medium-duty Truck
Medium-duty Truck 

700P Vehicle Parameters

QL11009KAR / single cab / 3815mm / 6000kg / 5058×2150×450mm / 4HK1-TCG40 / 138KW / Diesel

QL11009LAR / single cab / 4175mm / 6000kg / 5508×2150×450mm / 4HK1-TCG40 / 138KW / Diesel

QL11009MAR / single cab / 4475mm / 5800kg / 6008×2150×450mm / 4HK1-TCG40 / 138KW / Diesel

700P Vans Vehicle Parameters

QL5090XXY9KAR / single cab / 3815mm / 4800kg / 5078×2279×2215mm / 4HK1-TCG40 / 138KW / Diesel

QL5090XXY9LAR / single cab / 4175mm / 4800kg / 5528×2278×2215mm / 4HK1-TCG40 / 138KW / Diesel

QL5100XXY9MAR / single cab / 4475mm / 4800kg / 6228×2278×2215mm / 4HK1-TCG40 / 138KW / Diesel

QL5100XXY9PAR / single cab / 5200mm / 480kg / 7028×2278×2215mm / 4HK1-TCG40 / 138KW / Diesel

The main technical and economic characteristics of Isuzu 700p medium commercial vehicle-

Strong driving force, strong carrying capacity and fast running speed.

Low fuel consumption, high oil prices, the cost of ultra low operating more prominent

Long service life, reliable and durable, low maintenance cost

High security, unique collision energy absorbing safety system

Comfortable, business class like enjoying the ride

- life is low cost, to create more value for customers

The world's leading Isuzu 4H engine


Displacement: 5.2 L maximum power: 139Kw (190Ps) maximum torque: 510N.M

Isuzu 4HK1-TCG40 engine in the world leading by Isuzu in the new development in Japan, the Japanese electrical high pressure common rail electronic control system, the system in the engine under low speed and high speed can produce stable high fuel injection pressure, better fuel atomization, combustion is more complete, better power, lower emissions, more stable operation, noise lower. Electronically controlled variable section turbocharger + middle cooling technology, electronic control EGR, two level EGR cooling pipe +DOC emission control technology. The engine has a strong power, low fuel consumption, reliable and durable characteristics, to adapt to China's use of the environment.

More environmentally friendly

In four Qingling products to achieve a low emission, low fuel consumption in the life cycle of the vehicle performance, synchronous lifting, lower noise and jitter, smaller vehicles more quiet and comfortable.

More economical (fuel-efficient, urea)

1, low fuel consumption, compared with the same weight of domestic cars, fuel-efficient 10%-15% above; 2, no urea tank, without adding urea, reduce user costs, convenient modification of customers; 3, high reliability, low maintenance cost.

Stronger oil adaptability

Considering the China oil and the user's conditions, development, enhance the adaptability of the oil, eat whole grains of four products in qingling.

Higher cost

High abroad in domestic country four or three models 10%-20% models above, Qingling only a slight increase of 3-4%.

Stronger power

Power is more robust, comprehensive optimization of power and low speed output torque, improve the dynamic performance of the vehicle load and climbing performance.

More specifications

Synchronized to enrich the air brake, a row of semi sleeper, composite board box, warehouse gate type box, refrigerated trucks, insulation car varieties, to provide users with more choice of specifications.

Beautiful and comfortable, business class like ride

The latest fashion modeling, human nature of the interior; power steering, easy to operate; the cockpit can be large angle flip, easy to maintain.

The vehicle has light weight, strong carrying capacity and large volume of cargo compartment.

Using high strength, wear-resistant materials and high precision manufacturing technology, to achieve the perfect unity of light weight and reliability of vehicles. The 4 ton axle, 7 ton car after the bridge, 7 meters long, the volume of fand 35mm. Can be more loaded goods, to achieve more revenue.

700P refrigerated truck technology advantage high quality chassis high capacity chassis

The 4 ton axle, 7 ton car after the bridge, 7 meters long, the volume of 27 cubic meters, the vehicle has the advantages of light weight, strong bearing capacity, the loading of the goods can be more and more revenue.

Adapt to a variety of special vehicle modification

Frame width, flat plane rivets, the length according to the modification requirements change.

The maximum speed of not less than 110 of our knowledge, /h, with maximum climbing rate greater than 30 degrees

The world's leading Isuzu 4H engine

4HK1-TC engine, using high pressure common rail, precision electronic control, multistage injection, optimum combustion and exhaust gas recirculation treatment, to achieve the most new technology, high power, high torque, low fuel consumption and low emissions of dual fuel filter, a perfect combination of low noise. High strength and wear resistance of new materials and high precision manufacturing technology to achieve high reliability and durability.

6 speed gearbox

6 speed gearbox, to adapt to a variety of road, more fuel-efficient.

High strength, wear-resistant materials and high precision manufacturing technology to achieve high reliability and durability.

Shift operation light and smooth, fully enjoy the "control in my" drive control fun.

High quality refrigeration system

The standard configuration of the refrigeration system for the Japanese electric double compressor refrigeration system

According to user requirements, the refrigeration unit can refrigeration unit optional other brands or other models, in order to specify (in the vehicle door may have different problems and announcement).

Quality jacket

Vehicle matching design, give full play to the high quality chassis, quality of the overall performance of the refrigerator

Special dual compressor chassis development. Standardization of the installation of the cooling system to ensure the reliability of the system operation.

According to the vehicle development thinking, according to the load capacity of the bridge before and after the chassis, braking force distribution and lateral stability, together with the design of the box body size and chassis connection, to ensure the use of the vehicle performance.

Good heat insulation performance, high transportation quality

The overall shape, no joint compartment plate; when combined with seamless bonding process.

The composite plate in the middle insulation layer with hard PU foam, high density, closed at a rate above 80%.

A box structure of metal bridge design.

The car total heat transfer coefficient is less than or equal to 0.3W/M2 - K, air tightness and insulation performance are higher than the national A-level standards. Refrigerated compartment of refrigerator cooling faster, shorter working hours, guarantee the transportation of goods quality at the same time, more fuel-efficient, energy saving.

High strength, light weight, long service life

Around the use of reinforced aluminum alloy, wall thickness of 4mm, to ensure the car body connection strength, while reducing the weight of the box body.

Design of stiffener integration, greatly increasing the strong strength of plates

The floor side stringer + beam structure, improve the bearing capacity of the box body.

The plate surface can be customized using aluminum, stainless steel plate or resin material, body surface corrosion resistant up to 10 years.