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Light-duty Truck
Light-duty Truck 

100P Vehicle parameters

QL10403EAR /  single cab / 2490mm / 1990kg / 3100×1600×380mm / 4JB1CN / 72KW / Diesel

QL10403EWR2 / double cab / 2490mm / 1750kg / 2065×1600×415mm / 4JB1CN / 72KW / Diesel

QL10403FAR / single cab / 2765mm / 1990kg / 3600×1790×380mm / 4JB1CN / 72KW / Diesel

QL10503FWR / double cab / 2765mm / 1980kg / 2560×1790×380mm / 4JB1CN / 72KW / Diesel

QL10503HAR1 / single cab / 3360mm / 2750kg / 4275×1790×380mm / 4JB1CN / 72KW / Diesel

QL10503HWR / double cab / 3360mm / 2450kg / 3235×1790×380mm / 4JB1CN / 72KW / Diesel

QL10703HAR / single cab / 3360mm / 4500kg / 4275×1790×380mm / 4JB1CN / 72KW / Diesel

100P Vans Vehicle parameters

QL5040XXY3EAR / single cab / 2490mm / 1450kg / 3115×1708×1740mm / 4JB1CN / 72KW / Diesel

QL5040XXY3FAR / single cab / 2765mm / 1450kg / 3630×1784×1810mm / 4JB1CN / 72KW / Diesel

QL5040XXY3FWR / double cab / 2765mm / 1350kg / 2650×1784×1730mm / 4JB1CN / 72KW / Diesel

QL5040XXY3HAR / single cab / 3360mm / 1600kg / 4250×1784×1810mm / 4JB1CN / 72KW / Diesel

QL5050XXY3WR / double cab / 3360mm / 1760kg / 3245×1784×1730mm / 4JB1CN / 72KW / Diesel

QL5070XXY3KAR / single cab / 3815mm / 3850kg / 5050×1784×1810mm / 4JB1CN / 72KW / Diesel

New Isuzu 4JBCN diesel generator control


Displacement: 2.8L maximum power: 98 horsepower maximum torque: 220N.M

The new 4JB1CN engine, in succession the Isuzu 4JB1 engine with high reliability, excellent quality under the premise of the international first-class BOSCH diesel electronic control high pressure common rail injection system, the injection system of high pressure can improve the engine emission of visible pollutants, multi injection electronic fuel injector, fuel injection timing, quantitative precision, improvement the noise and vibration of the engine. Turbocharged technology, electronic control EGR+DOC+POC emission control technology. The engine has a strong power, low fuel consumption, reliable and durable characteristics, to adapt to China's use of the environment.

More environmentally friendly

In four Qingling products to achieve a low emission, low fuel consumption in the life cycle of the vehicle performance, synchronous lifting, lower noise and jitter, smaller vehicles more quiet and comfortable.

More economical (fuel-efficient, urea)

1, low fuel consumption, compared with the same weight of domestic cars, fuel-efficient 10%-15% above; 2, no urea tank, without adding urea, reduce user costs, convenient modification of customers; 3, high reliability, low maintenance cost.

Stronger oil adaptability

Considering the China oil and the user's conditions, development, enhance the adaptability of the oil, Qingling country four products eat whole grains".

Higher cost

High abroad in domestic country four or three models 10%-20% models above, Qingling only a slight increase of 3-4%.

New cab

Cab new styling, with the front headlight steering technology, the new 100P more beautiful, more comfortable and more secure.

New power

Power is more robust, comprehensive optimization of power and low speed output torque, improve the dynamic performance of the vehicle load and climbing performance.

New specifications

Add new 100P light card; add the 3815mm long wheelbase 100P; synchronized to enrich a row of semi sleeper, composite board box, warehouse gate type box, refrigerated truck, thermal insulation vehicle varieties, to provide users with more choice of specifications.