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Product Detail
Coating Machine
Coating Machine 
Parameter description
Machining range X/Y/Z (mm): 500/500/100
Max load: 15kg/5kg
Movement speed (mm/sec): 0.1 ~ 500 / 300
Repeat accuracy: ±0.02mm/200
Program recording capacity: 100 groups, 4000 points for each group (can support U disk COPY)
Display mode: LCD display
Motor system: servo motor and drive (Japan)
Mode of operation: the point / continuous line
Transmission mode: imported high precision synchronous belt + imported precision linear guide rail
Motion interpolation function: 3 axis (could be 3D arbitrary route)
Edit mode: teaching box
I/0 signal: 8 Inputs / 8 Outputs
External control interface: RS232
Input power: AC110V/220V 350W (internal switch conversion)
Working environment temperature: 5-40℃
Working environment humidity: 20-90%
Outter dimension (WxDxHmm): 1500x950x1450
Weight (kg): 250