Product Detail
Auto Electric Parts 

Headlight assembly

Throttle control mechanism assembly

Wiper connecting rod assembly

Isuzu 700P controller

Isuzu 700P water temperature sensor

Fog lamp switch

Relay wiper gap

Relay - condenser electronic fan

Relay - start

Waste gas circulating valve (EGR valve)

Relay - medium control, radio cassette recorder

Crankshaft position sensor

The front fog lamp assembly (bumper lamp assembly)

Combined switch

Oil induction plug (oil level switch)

Neutral switch

Clutch switch

Brake light switch

Throttle control mechanism assembly

Throttle acceleration sensor

Mileometer sensor (sensor meter)

The cigarette lighter

Throttle acceleration sensor (6 wire)

Throttle acceleration sensor (3 wire)

Preheating timer (EGR controller)

Air flow meter

Common rail instrument assembly

Door assembly

Power switch (PTO)

Side light (Ye Ziban)

Instrument assembly

Air flow meter

Throttle assembly

Air flow meter connector

Muffler pressure sensor

4HK1-TC electric horn (high, low)

4HK1-TC door switch

4HK1 instrument assembly

Generator assembly (with pump)

High lamp assembly (medium)

6HK1-TC flash relay

Condenser with electronic fan assembly (front)

Air pressure sensor

Wiper motor assembly

Large pump sensor - speed

Mileometer sensor assembly

4HK1 ignition switch seat

Rear fog lamp

6HK1 tail light assembly

Large pump sensor - engine speed

600P air conditioning compressor assembly

Electric window switch (left)

Waste gas circulating valve (EGR valve)

Chassis front wire harness assembly

Accelerator pedal assembly

Wire harness assembly (electronic fan)

Generator adjusting bracket

Generator assembly

Wire harness assembly (computer board)

Gasoline starter assembly

Front headlight assembly

Front panel wire harness assembly

Engine stall controller

Whole car lock core

Total firing line

Oxygen sensor assembly

Ignition coil assembly

4HK1 fog lamp assembly

Isuzu 6VD1 engine controller (ECU/ computer board)

EFI distributor

Starter assembly

Crystal lamp assembly

Front turn lamp assembly (angle lamp assembly)

Electronic fuel pump assembly

Carbon canister vacuum valve

MPI valve switch


Engine controller (ECU/ computer board)

Air conditioning condenser

6HK1 wiper motor

Wire harness assembly (lower part)

Front door glass lift assembly (electric)

Europe 3 turbocharger assembly