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Gearbox Parts 

Isuzu TFS/UCS 4JB1-T1 (4*4) transmission assembly

Isuzu FVR gearbox spindle reverse

Isuzu 700P/FVR gearbox spindle 3 gear tooth

Isuzu 700P/FVR gearbox spindle 2 gear tooth

Isuzu 700P/FVR neutral switch

Isuzu 700P mileometer sensor (sensor meter)

Isuzu FVR in 3 common rail clutch plate

Isuzu FVR in 3 common rail clutch

Isuzu UCS17 gearbox assembly

Isuzu FVZ mileometer sensor assembly

Isuzu actuator seismic adjustment gasket

Isuzu 700P clutch plate

Isuzu 700P flywheel assembly

Isuzu FVR gearbox shaft

Isuzu TFR/UCR gear lever assembly

Isuzu 700P speedometer gear

Isuzu FVR gearbox gear (spindle)

Isuzu 700P 4HK1 mileometer driven gear

700P 4HK1 release bearing seat Isuzu

Isuzu FVR two gearbox shaft

Isuzu TFR shift control box

Isuzu 100P/TFR/UCR gearbox...

Isuzu 100/600 synchronizer

Isuzu TFR/UCR gearbox front output gear

Isuzu transmission actuator shaft gear

Isuzu TFR transmission actuator output shaft

The partition of Isuzu TFR/UCR gearbox

Isuzu T/U countershaft assembly

Isuzu 100P flywheel shell

Isuzu 100P countershaft assembly

Isuzu TFR.UCR two gearbox shaft

Isuzu UCS25 6VD1 output shaft assembly

Isuzu TFS actuator shell

Isuzu T.U gearbox cover (4*2)

Isuzu 100P gearbox shaft

Isuzu 600P flywheel shell