Product Detail
Cap Embroidery Machine
Cap Embroidery Machine 


Automatic embroidery machine technical parameters:
Fault inspection system: with the bottom surface of the hot line detection device
Spindle motor: servo motor / inverter motor × 1
Computer Systems: Beijing Hao original 328 color 5.7 inches automatic computer control system
Speed: 250-800rpm / min
Storage capacity: 200,0000PIN, 200variety
X, Y motors: Stepping Motor × 2pcs
Input: U disk, USB interface input
X, Y Drive: Enhanced FN linear guide design
Storage formats: Tajima DST, BEHRINGER, ZSK, binary, ternary are compatible
Input voltage: single phase 220V (50 / 60HZ)
Stitch length: 0.1mm ~ 12.7mm
Rated power: 0.5KW
Sequin agency: front or side fork sequin agency
Head: Suspended leveling design Free high speed handpiece
Rack Color: White
Rack Style: gantry frame
Color Change: Automatic color changer
Head Rail: Suspended leveling guide plate Free Design 1
Cut line: automatic thread trimmer
Protection: crash boxes and other intelligent error System malfunction
Automatic Household Embroidery Machine Size: 1650 * 1200 * 1450mm (L * W * H)
Automatic Household Embroidery Machine Needles: 9-pin
Automatic home computer embroidery embroidery width: 400 * 400 mm