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Coaxial Cable Stripping
Coaxial Cable Stripping 

Semi-automatic Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine

Mainly used for processing coaxial cable and special single line, using the most advanced rotating turret, improved accuracy and speed.

Use of specific tools and rotary axis positioning device, and up to nine layers can peel without replacing the blade to the corresponding processing of various sizes and sheath wire, and equipment can be freely set the controller modular, digital display cutting diameter.

Equipment: Coaxial Stripping Machine

Technical parameters:

Max cable diameter: 0.81-up to 6.99 mm
Cutting depth Unit: 0.01mm
Stripping Length: 48mm
Stripping floors: 9 floor
Drive: motor / ball screw drive (imported from Japan)
Display: Touch Screen
Blade: 2, Material: tungsten steel Switzerland
Centering piece: 2, Material: tungsten steel
Cramping means: self-aligning, motor drive, the clamping force program control
Productivity: 500-700pcs / h (depending on the cable type and length may be)
Open the way: Manual / induction
Power: 220V / 50HZ
Power: 250W
Weight: 19KG
Dimensions: 525X186X278 mm
Working environment: 0-50 degrees, moderate dryness, vibration-free work surface, moderate dryness of the workshop