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Product Detail
Ampoule Leak Detecting 

Ampoule Leak Detecting & Sterilizer

Equipment: ampoule (oral) Leak Detecting & Sterilizer
The volume: 1.2m3

Loading capacity: 42 / times / Taiwan
Model Description:
(1) 750 × 1050: interior cross-sectional dimension
(2) Mobile door, double-Fei

The main purpose:
The series ampoule (oral) leak sterilizer with a high temperature circulating water as sterilization medium, suitable for ampoules, vials, bottles and other control injections, oral spray product sterilization, vacuum plus water color inspection drain; widely used in medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies, research institutes and other institutions sterile ampoules packaging materials and tube products packaged goods, leak detection and cleaning.

3. The main structure
● body is a horizontal rectangular structure, the overall strengthening. The inner wall of high quality 304 stainless steel, polished surface, easy to clean, corrosion-resistant and durable. Comprehensive quality documents are attached to each piece of equipment quality supervision department issued production in line with class Ⅰ pressure vessel products to strict quality and safety standards and is equipped with a standard GMP validation interface.
● Top sterilization room with the water distribution disc spray device unique design, to ensure that the temperature of the heating process and cooling process replacement uniform, no dead ends.
● water circulation system designed to avoid secondary contamination work process.
● sealed door using forceps tooth meshing structure, electric lift switch, compressed air anti-seal, and equipped with a safety interlock device manually open the device. Two-door interlock different regions to ensure that the direction of isolation and logistics. Door safe, reliable, flexible saving, easy to operate.
● The liquid ring vacuum pump, forced sterilization out of indoor air, so that the sterilization process is fully complete and effective. Vacuum and pressurized water color combination of leak detection methods to ensure 100% detection rate of scrap.
● insulation layer with excellent insulation properties of silicate cotton production, excellent insulation properties, to the maximum extent, reduce the cabinet of thermal radiation and heat conduction.
● selection of decorative plate cover brushed stainless steel plate, the whole appearance of horizontal rectangular structure, beautiful and easy to clean.
● main parts are selected international (domestic) well-known brand, the most optimal configuration to ensure the safety of sterilization equipment, reliability and operability.

4. Control System
The series ampoule (oral) Leak Sterilizer electrical control system consists of the man-machine interface, the main controller PLC, printer and other control components, and can set up multiple sets of automatic control and manual control procedures operating system.

5. Piping Systems
The series ampoule (oral) leak sterilizer pipeline system consists of control valves, pumps, circulating pumps, sprinkler systems, and a variety of special valves constitution.

6. loading items
The series ampoule (oral) is equipped with a leak sterilizer sterilization trolly to meet sterilization items loaded.
Sterilization trolly: all stainless steel, for placing ampoule trays.
Van: a trolly with the front and rear doors sterilization, transportation between the next process.
Ampoule tray: stacked directly in sterile trolly.