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Product Detail
Liposome Extrusion Device
Liposome Extrusion Device 

Main parameters:

Processing products: liposome

Extruded particle size: < 50-1000nm

Highest concentration: 200mg/ml

Maximum feed temperature: < 90 ° c

Production: 10ml/

Online temperature:-25-200

Minimum batch quantity: 5 ml

Out of the number: 2

Pressure: up to 7 MPa (1015 PSI)

Pressure gauge: nitrogen forms

Subject: SS316L

Level: sanitary

Filtration: Polycarbonate or polyester fiber

Seal: fluorine rubber (in line with the GMP),FDA certification.

Machinery lubrication components: no

Internal cooling: water cooling

Feeding connection: Tri-Clamp quick connect(high voltage)

Highest temperature: < 90 ° c

Maximum sterilization temperature: < 145 ° c

Cleaning/sterilization time: 30 minutes

Cleaning/sterilization of water consumption:10ml/

Environmental conditions: ambient temperatureof 3-40 ° c, high humidity 90%

Dimension: ø 400x 240 mm

packing list:

The nitrogen pressure gauge

Standard configuration

Special kits

Standard spare parts kits


Online pressure pipeline (with valve)