Product Detail
Eyeglass Grinding Machine
Eyeglass Grinding Machine 

Automatic Eyeglass Grinding Machine

Technical parameters

Operating modes: automatic

Processing lens diameter range: 20 mm-75 mm

Dimensions: 510 (L) × 490 (W) × 400 (H) mm

Weight: 49 Kg

Rated power: 500 W

Third gear head pressure adjustment, ensure that the lens is not displaced, do not run the shaft.

Lens automatic clip system that uses third gear pressure on the lens does not cause any harm.

17MM small chuck, the following can be accurately machined 20MM small lenses. Standard four wheel configuration (coarse grinding resin, glass rough grinding wheel, V-flat edge fine grinding wheels, resin flat edge polishing wheel)

Automatic framing function: After installing the standard school board, hold down the TEST button to start the machine will automatically drop each piece wheel position is corrected, shut down automatically stored results without pressing a button, the operation easy to learn.

Automatic corrective lenses Size: Advantages milling machine which is fitted with automatic correction system, starting at the same time each grinding an initial zero proofreading, to ensure consistency about the size of glasses, lens improves machining accuracy.