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Product Detail
Fish Sausage Smokehouse 500kgs 

Material:SUS304 Stainless steel
Heating Form: Steam heating
Doors: Two doors, one for fresh sausage/meat, one for cooked sausage/meat
Trolley:Two trolley, each 250kg, totally 500kg.
Computerized automatic control, big touch screen. Parameters can be shown in one control interface.
2 trolleys steam heated smokehouse for processing sausage, ham, bacon, poultry and fish products. Cold smoke optional!
Smoke Generator:
External woodchip fired smoke generator with adjustable smoke amount and density and fire alarm.
Standard function
Reddening, Drying, Cooking, Smoking
Main Tech. Parameter:
1. Max. temperature: 100°C
2. Capacity : 2 trolleys (ref.500Kg)
3. Dimension (ref. the outline drawing) and trolley size.
1. Vertical RUN-FLOW air technology to guarantee the consistency
2. Touch-screen and PLC control
3. Automatic clean system
4. Modular unit with full-welding stainless steel construction
5. Ramp design for trolley
6. External woodchip fired smoke generator with adjustable smoke amount and density and fire alarm.
Package Details:
Fumigation Wooden Case

Smoke House

Production capacity: 500kg/batch


Max pressure(Mpa): 0.3-0.6

Min pressure(Mpa): 0.1-0.2

Furnace temperature<120℃

Water pressure(Mpa): 0.2

Trolley: 1100*1030*1740mm

Size: 1840*1350*3000mm

Weight:   1200kgs

steam heating;

Production capacity:500kg/batch


Steam pressure:0.1~0.2Mpa


Standard trailer:1000×1030×1980mm

Host size:2420×1510×2600mm

Mounting Dimensions:5000×2200×3400mm


Production capacity:1000kgs/batchPower:121kwFurnace temperature<145℃Trolley size: 1000*1030*1740mmSize for 4doors+4 trolley:3700*2500*3000mmSize for Channel model: 4650*1950*3000mmWeight:   4000ks   

Others capacity:

laboratory micro smokehouse;30kgs/batch; electric heating & steam heating;

250kg/batch; single door,single trolley; electric heating & steam heating;

1000kg/batch;Channel model with four doors;four trolley; electric heating;

Salmon cold smokehouse;1950*1350*3000; 250kg/batch