Product Detail
Billet Casting Machine
Billet Casting Machine 

Automatic casting rods machine

Purpose: non-ferrous metal casting rods forming

Hydraulic motor power: 2.20kw

Voltage: 380v

Desoldering pump power: 2.20kw

Furnace power: 55kw (users can customize)

Incubator power: 9kw

Cutting device power: 2.20kw

Tin rods Dimensions: 80 × 180mm (users can customize)

Single tin Weight: 7 kg

Machine weight: 2.50T

Overall dimensions: 2650 × 1000 × 1800mm

1: Automatic casting rod machine is a new automation equipment. Compact design structure, production, energy-saving, high degree of automation, full-featured, easy to operate and so on. Equipment consists of hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, electronic control systems, mechanical systems.2: machine molding, drawing, drawing with integrated concentric positioning. All parts of qualitative CNC boring, ensure traction concentric, the successful completion of traction.3: The hydraulic components used in Taiwan Yuken systems. Stable low noise performance.4: electrical control using PLC + touch screen operation, the quasi-time operation of casting rods. Follow-up traction motor coordination responsive, stable and so on.5: Follow-up bar cutting using deceleration motor control, with a small cut noise and less waste. High scrap recovery advantages.6: Random distribution of traction bars an attachment, a limit switch, a relay, two heat pipes.