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Smoke House
Smoke House 

Heatingfast, low energy consumption, using internationally accepted standards of design features, with drying, cooking, red, smoked, baked, and other functions, suitable for large and medium-sized meat, fish food processing plants.

Fabricated mainly by general furnace, double U-tube steam heating system with pressurized chamber (patent number: ZL2009 2 0124302.4) the ceiling air duct, air circulation system (fan impeller with double diversion mouth), all air board , fabricated out of the wind means the amount of humidity and adjustable freestanding strong emission system, automatic cleaning up the system, touch screen and PLC automatic control system and other structures.

Main features:

1. Assemble the universal furnace can be applied to different types of energy heating device.

2. Double U-tube steam heating systems, heat a large area, high thermal efficiency, heating up fast.

3. With pressurized chamber ceiling air duct, air pressure, wind speed and stability.

The unique dual-port fan impeller diversion structure, smooth flow, high efficiency.

5. Total power compared with conventional furnace smoked, 35% reduction in power consumption, energy saving.

6. The independent unit designed circulation fan system, uniform temperature between spaces.

7. The two sides have smoke chamber design wind oil release means to reduce the impact of cigarette tar when smoked processed products.

8. Moisture volume adjustable freestanding strong emission system to ensure timely efflux hot humid air, high drying efficiency.

9. A multi-channel, segmented cleaning system, cleaning in place.

10. PLC integrated control, touch screen interface, user-friendly interface.

11. The system uses ARMSTRONG trap hydrophobic, hydrophobic reliable, long life.


Power: 15.1kw

high-pressure steam: 0.6 ~ 0.8Mpa

low pressure steam ≤0.01 ~ 0.05Mpa

steam consumption :160kg / h

Capacity :4 tray

Dimensions: 4700x2511x3630mm

Weight :3900kg