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Smoke House
Smoke House 

Central Heat Smoke House is based on the principle of similar foreign products, design and development of a new generation of smoking devices. Has a drying, cooking, red, smoked, baked, and other functions, suitable for large and medium-sized meat, fish, food processing plants.

Central Heat Smoke House Unlike conventional bicycle modular structure smoked furnace. It mainly consists of prefabricated furnace, central heating system, air circulation system, air flow dynamics control device, the perforated plate was air system, assembled wind means strong emission exhaust systems and complete cleaning systems and other structural components.

Heat exchanger using a single centralized, large heat transfer area;

Exclusive use of a single band spiral circulating fan, air volume, pressure stability;

Both sides of the chamber using wind gradient wind distribution and sub-trim design, front to ensure that after the wind evenly distributed;

Unique damper control system, furnace internal air flow from left to right, from right to left, top to bottom, small to large, cyclical changes, to achieve uniformity of air flow up and down;

The upper furnace, flat plate perforated plate and exhaust air are strong emission system to ensure timely efflux hot humid air, drying efficiency;

Both overall segmented removable wind deflector, the wind effects are significant, disassembly, easy to clean;

Multi-channel, segmented cleaning system, heat exchangers, exhaust pipes, pipe tobacco, are air board and other parts of the inside of the furnace, cleaning nozzles are uniformly distributed, clean place;

Raw and cooked district door interlock, regional isolation, in line with HACCP requirements;

Full computer control to visually display the operational status of equipment, easily set various parameters, modify, and automatically record operating conditions;

World-renowned brands - electrical, pneumatic and steam control components, stable and reliable;

The system comes with fault diagnosis function, failure problems can arise reflected on the touch screen, easy routine maintenance equipment;

Specially configured humidity control valves, smoked products, the product can effectively control the humidity redness;

Control system in a sudden power failure, restart, the data remains unchanged original work, continue to run, so that no clearance work;

Hydrophobic system using Armstrong trap hydrophobic reliable, long life;

Production capacity: 800-1000kg (cooking)

Radiator area: 72 square meters

Strong exhaust fan power: 2.2kw

Circulation fan power: 17kw

Total power: 21.83kw

The air speed: 32-35m / s

High-pressure steam pressure: 6-8kg / cm2

Low pressure steam pressure: 0.2-0.4 kg / cm2


Steam consumption:

Drying 221kg / h; steam pressure 0.6-0.8 Mpa

Cooking 184kg / h; steam pressure 0.02-0.04 Mpa