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Electrical Discharge
Electrical Discharge 

Applicable industries: connectors, mold manufacturing, machining

Working table size: 1200 * 700

Working oil bad Size: 1730 * 1020 * 600

Table travel (X * Y): 800 * 600

Z-axis travel: 270 + 280

Maximum load: 2000kgs

Weight: 3600kgs

Standard configuration:Taiwan to C7 level X, Y single nut ball screw, high-precision Z-axis screw steel or brass nut screw.Japanese original "Sanyo" servo motor.Denmark IP "Grundfos" pumping motor.W shaft gear motors (1:25 60W 110V / 220V)Taiwan-made quartz lamps, sets fire extinguisher system.Taiwan-made precision hand wheel, dial groups. (Seiki patented)Taiwan-made high-pressure tubing, flowlines, sealing tape.Taiwan-made electrode tip (Seiki patented)  ◆ FeaturesCoordinate with multiple sets of processing and memory functions.A mirror finish circuit, can really eclipse the mirror effect. Processing and mixed with the powder processing shaken better.Auto repair fine with 10 segments feature:              

(1) self-edit: according to personal experience to edit processing conditions;              

(2) AUTOZ automatic editing: to give the maximum depth of the thickness of the initial current and complete the selection and processing area, processing conditions will automatically be edited;              

(3) Intelligent Condition Editor: Just select the shape of the electrode, the electrode and the workpiece material, the cross-sectional area and the completion of machining electrode thickness and depth of the set will automatically select the processing conditions edited more than three edit modes, can be made coarse → in → fine once completed processing.    

4. Automatic anti-coking detection. When the case of carbon deposition process is unstable, the computer automatically adjust the process parameters and improve slag height, when the stability is restored automatically.  

5. You can set the discharge of 2 to 10 times to move up to any location and then set down processing, deep processing for a good slagging effect.    

6. Has eliminate secondary discharge function and quickly pulled up or discharging coke side quickly pulled searching function.    7. With energy control feature allows the processing effect is more uniform. Energy control can be switched off so that the graphite processing faster.    

8. With X, Y lock function. When the discharge X, Y axis value when changes will immediately stop the discharge and the police to protect the mold and copper workers.