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Product Detail
Heat Shrink Tape 

Pipeline anticorrosion heat shrinkable belt features:
- high mechanical strength, anti-aging ability.
- good performance of resistance to environmental stress.
- adhesive performance.
- easy to use.
Execution standard ": the SY/T 0413-2002, NACE RP0303-2003
The maximum operating temperature: 80 ℃
For external anticorrosion coating: PE, FBE, PP
Steel pipe preheating temperature: 75 ℃
Recommend a descaling grade: Sa 2.5
Product specifications: all products can be used in the DN100 - DN1000 steel pipe
Base material thickness from 1.0 to 2.0 mm, the thickness of the rubber from 0.8 to 2.0 mm

Open type heat shrinkable sleeve

Product Details:Place of Origin:China

DescriptionProduct features
High mechanical strength, anti-aging ability.
Good performance of resistance to environmental stress.
Adhesive performance.
Wear resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to ultraviolet radiation and light aging performance