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Product Detail
Double-Side Tape 

Double-side sponge tape

Product Details:Place of Origin:China

DescriptionPasting power, heat insulation, two-sided paste, super elasticity, pasting range.Apply to the rough and irregular surface pasting.For pasting wall paintings, wall decoration, can be used for a variety of clean, dry, smooth wall surface of ceramic tile, wood, can be made into various shapes, also for sound and shock absorption, electronic accessories of packing.
PE, EVA as base material, double-sided strong viscosity, better reduce vibration, strong vibration resistance.
Applicable to permanent fixation, applicable to different rules surface, used for auto door seal and nameplate.
Product parameters
For steel adhesion (N / 25 mm) : 1.20
Resistance (N / 25 mm) : 25
Width is 11, 12, 15, 18 mm
The length of the 3-20 m
The thickness of 1.0 mm and 2.0 mm and 1.0 mm
Width, length and color according to the guest specific requirements.

Cotton paper double-sided tape

Product Details:Place of Origin:China

DescriptionDouble-sided pasting effect is good, can hand tore, no pollution, can recycle, strong adhesive force, not bad, suitable for decoration, postal service, hooks, shoe industry, computer embroidery and leather industry long-term installation, fixed, is the ideal light small objects in office and home of fixed and pasting.
Strong adhesive, double-sided adhesive, easy tear, easy to use, high tensile strength.
Stick posters, photos, public notices, fixed decorative hook or the sign of the envelope, decoration, shoe and leather industry, computer embroidery, paste nameplate, strengthen the adhesive.
Product parameters
Cotton paper tape oil glue, aqueous glue, hot melt adhesive;Material will influence the parameters vary;Details are as follows:
Double oil glue, water glue and hot melt adhesive for steel adhesion (N / 25 mm) parameters were 14.2, 14 and 13;
Double oil glue, glue and hot melt adhesive water resistance (N/mm) 25 to 30.
Width: 11, 15, 18, 24, 36, 48 mm
Length: 10-70 - m
Mic thickness: 80-80
Colour: white, yellow

Masking tape

Product Details:Place of Origin:China

DescriptionGood paste, natural color, peel easily and, used to play a role of protection primer coating process, coating or coating used for shelter and protection, the normal temperature used to support the crepe paper, binding, packaging and non-critical logo paint application.Medium temperature to room temperature, crepe paper in coating on the surface of the vehicle repair paint baking process.
Natural color and yellow, has the very good consistency, docile and no glue residue, recyclable, no glue, waterproof, solvent resistance.
Used to support, strapping and packing, used to separate color and daub pin stripes, used for non-critical logo, used in paint and spray, used for coating baking process.
Product parameters
The steel adhesion (N / 25 mm) > 7.4;Resistance (N / 25 mm) 79;Elongation at break (%) of 60;Thickness (mm) 0.13 + / - 10%
Width 12, 18, 24, 36, 48 mm
Length: 30-200 - m
Length according to the requirements of the guests
Do not suffer from outdoor exposure or the sun for a long time,
Can't blow the surface, to reduce the chances of the underlying contact with paper

Strapping tape

Product Details:Place of Origin:China

DescriptionLightweight PP packing tape
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The band is transparent
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