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Product Detail
Copper Foil Battery
Copper Foil Battery 

Double light copper foil for lithium battery

Thickness: 8~35µm
Different wide

Products with double structure symmetry, the density of metal copper close to theoretical density, surface profile is extremely low, high elongation and tensile strength and other properties

Product use:

Can be used as a lithium ion battery cathode carrier fluid and set.


Compared with single-sided, double-sided MAO lithium electricity copper foil, the anode materials and adhesive, a doubling of contact area, can significantly reduce the negative fluid and anode materials, the contact resistance between the increase of lithium ion battery anode plate structure symmetry, at the same time, the double light lithium electricity copper foil has good resistance to heat and cold expansion performance, battery negative pole piece in the process of charging and discharging is not easy to fracture, can prolong the service life of the battery.