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Flameproof Crane Motor
Flameproof Crane Motor 

Hoisting flameproof three-phase asynchronous motor and lifting the flameproof electromagnetic braking three-phase asynchronous motor (referred to as the motor) is mainly used for explosion prevention of various types of lifting machinery and electric drive. Mechanical strength has large overload capacity and higher, so it is especially suitable for those devices that short-time or intermittent operation,frequent starting, braking. Explosion proof motor performance with GB3836.2-2000explosive gas environment of electrical equipment for the second portion of the septum provisions proof type "d", made of explosion-proof, explosion-proof markerswere Exdll BT4 and Exdll CT4 two. Applicable to explosive power is less than IIB or IIC, detonation temperature classes for T1~T4 group of flammable gas or vaporand air to form explosive mixture places.

The insulation of the motor level as F grade and H grade two, F class insulationmotor is suitable for air temperature does not exceed

40 ℃ places, insulation class H motors are used in the ambient air temperaturedoes not exceed 60 ℃ place.

Motor is suitable for the following work environment:

A, the ambient air temperature: the general environment for -15 ℃ ~40 ℃,metallurgical environment does not exceed 60 ℃;

B, altitude not exceeding 1000m;

C, rated frequency 50Hz or 60Hz;

D, rated voltage of 380V or 440V;

E, frequent starting, braking (electrical or mechanical) and reverse;

F, the air humidity of not more than 90% (when 25 ℃).