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Gas Chromatograph
Gas Chromatograph 

Gas chromatograph for peanut oil special

Instrument performance:

The first carrier gas breathe protection function (automatic power off and alarm) within 1 machine counterparts, column and TCD maximum protection against damage such as tungsten.

2. The use of the new humanity, dual CPU design, temperature accuracy higher than + 0.1 ℃, with excellent reliability and anti-jamming capability, and has extreme temperature overload protection.

3. LCD display with adjustable background and other functions, to display richer content, and intuitive. Keyboard set various operating parameters, and with power protection.

4. Fault with a wide range of self-diagnostic features that help users to easily determine the fault position.

5. With the fifth-order temperature-programmed functions. After intelligent door system coupled with a more reasonable and export duct design, so the column room cool very quickly (such as in the other room at 280 ℃, the column temperature was lowered from 280 ℃ and 50 ℃ to stabilize total of 8 min).

6. The aircraft basic configuration for a single hydrogen flame detector, can be dubbed a single or dual FID FID amplifier amplifier. Also set aside a large room for expansion, ready optional TCD, FPD, NPD, ECD detector, and the gas injector, reformer and so on. The host can also install four detectors and temperature alone can achieve more than one machine.

7. Has six independent temperature control zones. Each vaporizing chamber, detector and amplifier are modular in design. Installation is very easy to replace.

8. The machine can be installed via the optional small-bore capillary columns, wide bore capillary and packed columns, facilitate a variety of column installation, reliable, including small-bore capillary column dedicated vaporization chamber has a split / splitless, septum purge and makeup system.

The main technical indicators:

1. Host

1.1 can also install a hydrogen flame detector, thermal conductivity detector, electron capture detector, NPD

A total of six temperature control instruments 1.2 points, fifth-order process can be carried out up control; injector, each detection products are individually controlled

1.3 The instrument has two inlets packed column system and independent capillary injection device.

2. Oven

2.1 oven large volume, which can be installed three columns

2.2 using computer control temperature, interactive, real-time display of each point temperature

2.3 oven temperature: room temperature + 5 ~ 400 ℃ Accuracy: + 0.1 ℃

2.4 five stage temperature programming, each order holding time 0 ~ 999.0 min, incremental 0.1mi, temperature increment 0.1 ℃

3. Detector

3.1 flame detector (FID)

3.1.1 Sensitivity: M≤1 × 10-11g / sec (benzene)

3.1.2 Linear range: 107

3.1.3 Baseline Drift: ≤0.3mv / 0.5h

3.1.4 sources: Ni63

Instrument configuration

1, GC-6890B gas chromatograph host + FID detector temperature + + program opened the door + capillary injection system

2, capillary column

3, chromatography workstation

4, the gas source (nitrogen, hydrogen, air generators or cylinder)

5, computers, printers can be self-made

6, chromatography accessories