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Chongqing foreign trade imports and exports exceeded 220 billion in the last 5months

Last5 months,Chongqing foreign trade imports and exports over 220 billionyuan, reaching 224.3 billion yuan, up 3.4% from a year earlier. Although thegrowth in exports remained strong, but falling imports have shrunk.Chongqing customs data show that in May of this year, Chongqing exported176.99 billion yuan, an increase of 30.8%; import 47.31 billion yuan, a dropof 42%.

Chongqing customs said in the previous May's main export commodity, laptopexports declined, and exports of integrated circuits, cell phones has soared. In May, for example, laptop export volume of 3.205 million units,down 18.8% and Tablet exports amounted to 455,000, an increase of 2.1 times.In addition, exports of integrated circuits and 100 million increased by52.1% to export phone 5.662 million, an increase of 22.8 times times.

In traditional manufacturing exports of electromechanical products, exportsof motorcycles and motorcycle parts 910 million Yuan; export cars and autospare parts of 880 million Yuan. The traditional labour-intensive products(including textiles, garments, furniture, luggage, footwear, plasticproducts, toys, six categories) exports compared with 4.72 billion yuan, anincrease of 4.2 times.

(Chongqing morning network)