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Tia Maria copper mine in Peru announced a two-month martial law

According to foreign news May 24, Peruvian President Ollanta Humala announced Saturday at Southern Copper's Tia Maria in the southern region of Peru Copper two-month martial law, the local people are opposed to the mine development plan and carry out protests.

      In accordance with Peruvian law, in an emergency, the police can enter the house without a search warrant to conduct a search condition, gatherings and marches will be banned.

      The purpose is to make the Government of Peru has lasted nearly two months of the end of the public protests.


      Since late March, the local people have blocked roads and clashed with police.

      Worst fears of the local population that the total $ 1.4 billion copper mine development project will pollute local water and air.

      Peruvian government last year approved the environmental impact report for the project, while Southern Copper also said it would follow the most stringent environmental standards to develop the mine.


      Late Friday, the President of Peru Pedro Cateriano Cabinet said that the government declare a local state of siege, armed police will be responsible for the maintenance of social order.

      Jose Ramos Carrera Local Local officials said many local people will continue to oppose the Tia Maria copper mine development plan.

  He said, "explain the Peruvian government declared a state of siege want at any cost to promote the development of the mine."


  And the law of the land Besar on Saturday expressed the hope that the Government will abolish the martial law within two months.

  Previously, the government has sent more than 4,000 police officers and at least 1,000 soldiers to control the local bridges and roads.

(Source: Global Hardware Network)