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China detection equipment should not survive in the cracks

From the recently held 18th Beijing High-Tech Expo "China-made testing equipment validation and comprehensive evaluation of technical services promotion" was informed that at present China is still in the testing equipment industry, "survive in the cracks" status. Domestic enterprises homogeneous competition, foreign technical barriers implicit constraints, blind purchase foreign equipment and other factors, making a lot of high-priced long-term hold imported equipment, the high and even hinder the development of low-end domestic equipment market, to a certain extent.

Industry insiders and experts suggest that for domestic detection equipment, China should co-ordinate the development planning, industrial development and weaknesses common research organization, focusing on the promotion of validation and comprehensive evaluation of technical services, thereby enhancing industry competitiveness, reduce the level of advanced technology and overseas gap.

Deficit continues, three years a total of over $ 50 billion

Detection equipment is equivalent to tacit military industry, its innovation, manufacturing and application level reflect technological and industrial level of a country involved in medical testing equipment, environmental protection, food safety and other areas. For a long time, our country has been dominated by imported testing equipment major market distributed in national, provincial, and municipal laboratories and universities, and related businesses. China Instrument Industry Association and vice president Li Yueguang, in recent years, has been in the trade deficit between domestic equipment and imported equipment. 2012 to 2014, the deficit was 17 billion, 16.6 billion and $ 17.7 billion.

National Bureau of Statistics data show that in 2014, China's instrument industry total above-scale enterprises 4116. "Small scale industries, specialty dispersion, 95% of companies with annual revenues in billion with no more than 10 billion enterprise. Most of the enterprises are concentrated in low-end products, but also in the 'meet on their own too easy life' stage. "China Instrument Industry Association Secretary-General Yan increasing order said.

It is reported that, in the field of detection equipment, Shimadzu, Agilent and other foreign long-term occupation of the Chinese market. Function parameters are almost identical laboratory testing equipment, import prices compared to domestically was nearly 50%, but still become the preferred choice. Professor, Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University Deng Bo original thought, spend the least money to meet the needs of analysis and detection equipment was purchased principles. "Money is to buy practical, instead of buying performance indicators. Currently in the mid-range detection equipment, domestic equipment and imported equipment almost no difference, fully meet."

Li Yueguang said in the next few years, China's testing agencies (Lab), industrial projects, major science and technology (integrated circuits), new drug development will purchase a large number of imported equipment. If these test data, process parameters and other information are large number of foreign control of China's information security disadvantage.

Multifactorial domestic detection equipment in an awkward position

Many respondents to industry sources, the current domestic equipment business substantially in research and development, marketing, sale and consisting of three teams, the development of better business, R & D investment between 6% and 7% of its annual output. The industry believes that low-grade homogeneous competition, bidding "was crowding out", foreign technical barriers implicit constraints and other factors caused the current domestic detection equipment in an awkward position.

One simple imitation, copy objects, most of the domestic instrument is low homogenization competition. Deputy General Manager of Beijing Hai Du Jiang optical instrument company that most domestic equipment companies to take the "low price competition in the market," the line, the product cost investment is not enough, the poor level of technology. Enterprises in order to compete for the market price to reduce parts procurement costs, coupled with our precision machining and components products foundation is weak, a direct impact on the ability of the instrument to detect reflected in instrument stability is not high.

Second, raise the threshold of the tender, domestic equipment "catch up." Feng Wei, general manager of Beijing Pioneer Technology Development Company 范飞坦 words, once a prefecture-level city in the Food and Drug Administration's request for proposals to meet "the requirements of instrument supports seven foreign languages," the instructions. Tenders are not based on actual need to write, but to squeeze out domestic equipment, the specific indicators deliberately write high.

Has participated in many domestic detection equipment evaluation of Beijing Chemical Engineering Institute chief engineer, said Yin Wei, a high degree of localization lot of testing equipment, but the phenomenon of the county to purchase imported products or frequent occurrence. Some units using public funds to purchase, at cost, even proud to have imported equipment.

Third, foreign technical barriers that hinder their development recessive. CNCA Director of Standards Branch standard unit Administration Liang said both agricultural export sector, a number of countries in the name of health and safety "under the guise" of China's export products strict technical regulations, resulting in only the use of high sensitivity of the large instrument in order to carry out laboratory testing. In addition, the evaluation system is imperfect because of domestic instruments, foreign purchases of equipment by evaluating foreign chambers of commerce requires the appointing authority or the designated foreign products, resulting in domestic equipment is difficult to go out.

Should be more measures to promote the development of China-made equipment to shorten the level of foreign technology

Nearly a decade of domestic and foreign instrumentation products in terms of price, quality and performance gap continued to narrow. Industry insiders and experts recommend should be more focus on initiatives to improve the overall competitiveness of the industry, continue to shorten our instrument technology gap with foreign advanced level of technology.

First, domestic science instruments centralized management by the government to co-ordinate the development of planning and support to key enterprises as a leader, to industry, academia, research, combined with the establishment of national technical center, focused on solving the manufacturing process, key components, precision machining , software development, industry standards and other major issues, upgrade its technology and application capabilities of existing products.

Second, the development of relevant policies, according to the actual need to encourage the application of domestic equipment, the establishment of the first (set) demonstration projects. Foreign joint tender, domestic equipment and foreign technical support and other ways to achieve "market for technology" results in the exploration. Peng Hua, general manager of Beijing Kyrgyzstan days Instrument Co., Ltd. said that relevant government departments should give sufficient domestic voice detection equipment, provide referrals, display platform. Imported equipment business public relations disposable high promotional costs, and in some commercial promotion conference is often used to buy time to do the promotion, which is funded enterprise can not do.

Third, actively promote the domestic detection equipment verification and evaluation services, through three to five years for the influential domestic detection instruments from R & D to promote the use of tracking technology services. Learned from the meeting, Beijing Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission undertake a pilot project "domestic detection equipment Verification and Evaluation" has passed the inspection, the initial realization of the "government investment, enterprise support, Platform members to participate actively." results. The platform is on the one hand and the same type of comparison of domestic equipment advanced equipment, to provide an improved design for the domestic equipment; on the other hand, from the detection of reality to help build domestic instrument testing methods and standards, issued by the verification reports. (Source: machine via Network)