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robot can replace less than 50%

Amazon in the UK town of Rugeley warehouse, employees wearing uniform orange vest, with a similar handheld electronic device of the computer, pushing a cart, walked up and down busy. Electronic equipment on hand, always plan the best route to pick up the staff, while computing workload of the staff, even too slow will be notified to the manager.

"We're like a robot, kept working." Employees complained, and Amazon also suffered as Foxconn in China, as in the local area, was accused of ill-treatment of employees, "treat people as machines to make." But when Amazon announced the acquisition of robotics company Kiva, plans to use real robots in the warehouse, employees who complain mouthful and local governments tense up, which means that their jobs might be bored, no labor disputes robot wins go.

This alternative has changed in the automotive industry. Located in the Tianjin Binhai New Area Great Wall Motor factory, Harvard H6 technology comparable to a huge workshop "robot club", hundred sets of high-end robots from Sweden, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and other countries to complete the stamping, welding, painting and final assembly process. Dressed in blue overalls, wearing a yellow hard hat workers but rarely.

In the press shop, stamping lines using closed the entire line of production, the production process is almost no human to participate. Codenamed B01 fully automated production lines, rotary transmission device uses multiple Swedish ABB robots to ensure the production of precision stamping Hover H6. Body shop and welding wire main body line, the whole production line set up a total of 30 stations, equipped with 27 robots. Hover H6 spraying done by 26 Taiwan and Japan Yaskawa complete wall-mounted automatic spraying robot can reach 90% of the paint utilization. In the assembly process, the Hover H6 glass gluing process entirely by robots, glue width and thickness over 1 mm error will be automatically recognized robots.

"With automation technology, we can reduce the number of workers, but also save money." Hao Jianjun, general manager of Great Wall Motor representation. He has invested $ 161 million in four factories, equipped with 1,200 robots. Before installation, the average price of factory robots is about $ 50,000. "Within three years, reducing the number of workers' wages to bring savings will be fully offset this cost." Hao Jianjun said. After installing the robot, the number of welders Great Wall Motor fell from 1,300 people about 400 people.

Gou "Million robot program" is not so smooth, in order to speed up the robot factories Forced induction, Gou gave instructions issued over the factory, if you want a large-scale recruitment, need to go through Gou personally approval. But as of now, the number of robots Foxconn factories around no more than 15,000 units, mostly arm, and a few low-intelligent robots, the workers did not feel the crisis is fight for a job, "I think it's more Kwok outbreak is passionate speech, I can not see inside the motive in the industrial frontier where Foxconn robot development. "Foxconn an insider commented.

A middle-level technical personnel and even that the robot is not a cost-effective solution. "A bottle of water from the catch, to grab a box, we need to change fixtures; The same robot, if you do not catch something, but to do the grinding, a process that is for another Foxconn for many manufacturers of electronic products OEM, and replacement rate of electronic products soon to iPhone, for example, the last generation of new products introduced almost every year. If the product is changed as frequently changing production lines are set and robotic manufacturing solutions, the cost may be uncollectible. "

Robots can only work on the production line for the front end, while Foxconn is the core of the back-end assembly, the robot can actually replace the process less than 50%. "For example, the screw assembly on the iPhone, the robot is difficult to maintain such a high precision, as long as not aligned, iPhone and robots will be scrapped."