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Tianhe Filter Engineer

Chongqing 400055 CHN

Worktime : 9:00-17:00 (Beijing time)

Tianhe Filter Engineer

Tianhe Filter Engineer founded in Oct.2008  and located in  famous Motorcycle City-Chongqing China, is a high

tech  enterprise that specializes in the development and manufacture of oil purification equipment.

Tianhe has strong technology research capabilities, advanced production facilities, and full testing system. After

years of developing by a large number of technology and professional personnel, Tianhe Filter has been in the

forefront of oil purification technology. Tianhe can cooperate with purification experts both at home and abroad.

It has high technology content, good performance and perfect after-sales service, so that users can feel

relieved when buying, and feel secure when using them.

The main products are:

Coalescence Purifier,Separation Purifier,Centrifugal Separation Purifier,Enclosed Oil Purifier,Efficient Double

Vacuum Purifier,EfficientOil Purifier, Explosion-Proof Oil Purifier,Fire-Resistant Oil Purifier, Fire Resistant Purifier,

Fire Resistant Oil Vacuum  Purifier, Filter Element,Hydraulic Oil Purifier,Heating Plate-Frame Oil Purifier,

Insulating Oil Vacuum Purifier, Multistage Precise Oil Purifier,Portable Oil Purifier,Insulating Oil Vacuum Purifier,

Multistage Precise Oil Purifier,Portable Oil Purifier,Multifunctional Lubricating Oil Purifier, Multistage Backwash

Oil Purifier,On Load Tap Changer Oil Purifier,Phosphate Ester Fire-Resistant Oil Purifier,Refrigerant Oil Purifier,

Regeneration Oil Purifier,Three Precision Oil Purifier,Trailer Oil Purifier, Turbine Oil Purifier,etc;

Our filters widely used in the oil industry such as power, machinery, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy,

mining, military industry,paper-making, medical treatment and so on, and is highly praised and trusted by users.

We also sourcing general machinery, agricultural machinery, auto & spare parts, construction machinery, food

machinery  and chemical products. like ISUZU Commercial Vehicles and Spare Parts, Smoke house, Downhole

Drilling, Portable food safety complex analysis system, SiO2 Granule......

Our trading belief “ Focus on customers “, our company is calmly handling the changeable market competition.

For our  trading process ,we are not just selling our products, but the spiritual cultures and services to realize

our work aim “ seeking for customers’ further satisfaction” . Also with the spirit of “ term-working and actual

innovating” , our company states that our guided managing thoughts shall be “ working in serious and being in

honest” , in order to guarantee the working key “ seeking for customers’ further satifistion” being carried out


Based on the strong local market support, we believe that we can provide you high quality products, on time

delivery,  competitive prices and best consulting and after service.